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Inside the DIF #14 - Final day of #DIF2019🎉


It's the last day of #DIF2019

It's been a busy two weeks with over 400 events across the state. Thanks to the hundreds of event hosts and speakers who've shared their expertise, insights and passion for digital innovation. Thousands of people from toddlers to seniors and everyone in between have connected to make the DIF this year. 


Don't miss out on the last few events!

#DIFHub19 at Victorian Innovation Hub

Inclusion & Impact Day

10.00 am Tech 4 Humans

11.30 am New Visual Language

12.30 pm Harnessing digital innovation to create shared value

3.00 pm Digital Inclusion for First Nations

Can't make it?  Watch the recordings on our YouTube Channel!


Featured Events

There are still 43 events before DIF wraps for another year! Check out a few of our featured events happening across Victoria today:


Future Events

Don't worry if you have DIF withdrawals next week. The DIFvic Online Events Hub is open all year round. You can sign up for alerts for all the emerging tech or entrepreneur events to be sent direct to your inbox. There's always something happening and is where you'll find out what's on, when and where. 

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