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#DIFList - Digital Skills and Emerging Tech

26th August, 2018

Digital Skills & Emerging Technology

Need to brush up your digital skills? Want to know everything there is to know about the latest emerging tech?

Here are some of the events that will get you up to speed and in the know.


Digital Skills:


24 Aug - Code like a Girl, Data Storytelling with Charles Gray - Melbourne, CBD

27 Aug - Digital Technologies Curriculum and Skills Workshop - Maffra, VIC

28 Aug - Digital Fundraising Workshop for Social Causes - Carlton, VIC


Emerging Technology:


24 Aug - Cyber Round Table Discussions - Melbourne, CBD

24 Aug - New Frontiers - AI Powered Chatbots - Melbourne, VIC

27 Aug - Brave New Brains: The Future of brain-computer interfaces and challenges they present - Melbourne, CBD


Stay tuned for the next #DIFList! 


The #DIFList highlights events curated by the DIF team sourced from across our vibrant ecosystem showcasing our local industry.