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Adobe Illustrator Essentials Course

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This workshop is suitable if you are looking for fundamental skills to create and manipulate vector graphic. It is useful especially if you work with logo, illustration or cartoon images.

What you will learn

- Introduction to Illustrator

- Understanding workspace

- Understanding document and artboard

- Creating basic object

- Selecting and arran9ging objects

- Navigating in Illustrator

- Using pencil tool

- Using pen tool

- Transforming objects

- Using colour

- Placing images

- Using Illustrator text

- Understanding brush tool

- Understanding pathfinder

- Using blend, gradient mesh and clipping mask features

- Using effects and graphic styles

- Using symbol sprayers

What you expect:

After completing this workshop, you will know how to use basic tools in Adobe Illustrator to create vector graphic and manipulate them.

What you bring into the workshop:

It’s recommended to bring existing project / inspiration design to work in the workshop also bring USB stick / access to email / cloud storage to store the file created during the workshop


Time: Thursday from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Duration: 1 Full-Day

Workload: 8 contact hours

Study Mode: Classroom

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