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Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) face-to-face events may be moved online or cancelled at short notice. If you have questions about the status of an event, please contact the event organiser on the listing. The latest business information and support for coronavirus (COVID-19) is available at Business Victoria.

JobExpo Virtual Business, Data & Technology Job Expo

Virtual Business, Data & Technology Job Expo

AnalyticsCLUB JobExpo is created to promote virtual, happy, and healthy hiring within the Data Analytics Community.

The signature program from Analytics.CLUB would attract 150,000 global participants(About 6k recruiters and 150k global seekers).

To learn more, read JobExpo FAQ

The Process:
Create an account on
Visit and register your interest

Why it Matters?

Best industry hirings are done with the power of networking and reference. JobExpo uses the power of skill connectivity and an identical profile portfolio to connect similar candidates to relevant opportunities. JobExpo brings relationships and connection back into hiring.


We expect the event to:
1. Create interesting conversations
2. Improve access to local talent and local opportunities
3. Provide a venue to promote effective hiring
4. Connect professionals with other seekers so they could collaborate and improve their search
5. Discover what some of the top businesses are looking for in a talent
6. Educate recruiters and job seekers about top trends and hiring skills that are trendy and rising.

About JobExpo

JobExpo is World's largest open community talent platform that is built on the Talent Analytics Artificial Intelligence platform to bring virtual career events to various communities around the World. JobExpo event currently powers more than 2 million communities around the globe.