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Talking Cyber with Small Business

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About this Event


As security professionals, you will know that SMEs and SMBs are a favourite target for cyber criminals. This may be a client, friend or family member.

Jake Griffith's panel contribution will focus mainly on:

• Why SMES and SMBS are a target for cyber criminals

• The risks associated with a supply chain attacks and the broader implications this has on SMBs / SMEs and the economy

• My personal experience working in a small business supporting their IT security and:

• A collation of the low cost/ free services and support available to SMEs and SMBs to improve their security posture


There’s plenty of noise out there about cyber criminals coming after small businesses. As security professionals, you’ll likely encounter someone from a small business sooner or later who is looking for advice on what to do about it.

The team from local startup Cynch live and breathe small business cyber security everyday. In this session, they’ll help you understand the reality of cyber risk in a small business, and share some pointers on how to approach the topic without making it more confusing or frightening for the one asking the questions.

About the speakers

Jake Griffiths

Jacob Griffiths is a driven Master of Business IT Graduate with 10 years’ of experiencing delivering complex IT projects in a busy enterprise environment. Jacob is deeply committed to creating and operationalising IT strategies that reduce costs and increase efficiency while cultivating valuable data driven insights. Jacob is a cyber security consultant at Kroll, a global consulting firm, with clients across government and financial services.

Susie Jones and Adam Selwood

Susie Jones and Adam Selwood started Cynch Security in 2018 after leaving the Information Security Office of Australia Post.

At Cynch, they combine Susie’s risk, insurance and commercial management experience with Adam’s technology and cybersecurity expertise to deliver bespoke cyber fitness programs for businesses with fewer than 50 staff. Well-versed in translating the technical and complex world of cybersecurity, the Cynch team are focused on helping the people at the heart of every business.

The Cynch Cyber Fitness platform is designed to help small businesses become fit, strong and resilient to cyber threats through plain language advice that can be actioned by anyone in less than five minutes.