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The Digital Divide - What it will cost us.

The digital divide was a problem before Covid-19. We need to make plans to rectify this or it will cost us dearly

Many of us knew about the digital divide before covid-19, but it was brought front and centre as schools worked to provide materials and rich learning experiences for all students.

The truth that emerged was that our bland assumptions about young peoples knowledge of 'digital' may have been premature. This will have implications for future employment and learning.

We Teach Well Co-founder, Carolyn Newall is joined by Dr David Zyngier, Emma Enticott and Pawan Lalwani to talk about the digital divide and how it is being exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr David Zyngier,  Associate Professor at Southern Cross University,  is an experienced educator and fierce supporter of educational equality.

Emma Enticott, is a brand new first year teacher at a rural high school in Victoria.

Pawan Lalwani from 'Language Your Way' runs a successful Edtech, delivering English language learning programs to early education providers, in China and India.

Many in the developed world believe that that all children and families have equal access to the internet and devices if they want it. But that is not the case,

Join these three educators as they talk about the ramifications this has for our society in the future.