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Protecting your small business from ransomware

Protecting your small business from ransomware

Are you concerned about ransomware and what it could potentially do to your small business if you become a victim?

It’s hard to imagine things getting worse for small businesses right now but a loss of a critical service or operations due to a ransomware attack could happen to anyone.

During this webinar we’ll share information about why organisations large and small need to be aware of ransomware, the impacts it can have as well as advice on what small businesses can do to protect themselves against this business-crippling threat.

Building on guidance shared on our website we’ll walk-through everything you need to know about ransomware and answer all of your burning questions.

Topics Covered:

  1. Who’s being targeted and why?
  2. How does ransomware work?
  3. How can you protect your business?
  4. Should you pay a ransom?
  5. What should you do if you become a victim?

Webinar attendees will:

  • Have a better understanding of why ransomware is a threat to all businesses
  • Know why it's important to protect yourself against ransomware
  • Understand the steps they can take to protect themselves
  • Gain access to the Cynch Cyber Boot Camp program to help them start adopting the recommendations.


About the Presenter:

Jacqui Loustau, Head of Product

Jacqui is a leading cybersecurity culture expert, with extensive years of global experience in the IT and Information Security industry. Passionate about security and collaborating with others to drive innovation and change within industry, Jacqui is currently using her experience to help small businesses with their cyber resilience.

Adam Selwood, Co-founder & CTO

Extensively experienced with solving enterprise technology and cybersecurity problems, Adam is passionate about using his expertise to help SMBs that have nowhere else to turn. Prior to founding Cynch Security, Adam led Cyber Resilience initiatives within Australia Post.

About Cynch:

The need for small business owners to adopt new technology to improve efficiency and reach more customers has never been greater. But more technology brings more cyber risk, and securing against this risk is harder for small business owners because they have no time, small budgets and little to no in-house tech expertise. To put it simply, they are not cyber fit.

But what does Cyber Fitness look like for a small business? A Cyber Fit business understands and actively works on reducing the cyber risks in their technology. A cyber fit business implements the right solutions and a cyber fit business keeps track of their progress and can prove they're doing everything possible. Our mission at Cynch is to make it possible for any business to be a cyber fit business.

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