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Startup Success Series: Navigating the New Talent Pool

Recording of Startup Success Series: Navigating the New Talent Pool

In the past few weeks, many startup employees and experienced corporate professionals have entered the available talent pool. With this change comes opportunity; startups and founders now have a rare chance to secure more than their fair share of bright talent to help their startup grow.

For this edition of Startup Success Series, Startup Vic Director of Programs and Partnerships Poppy Trewhella sat down with Paige Pomare, Head of Talent & Engagement at Who Gives A Crap; Matt Smith, Managing Partner at MitchelLake and Mitch King, Talent Acquisition Manager at Linktree to discuss the new talent pool following COVID-19's effect on business, and how founders can best navigate it.

2:17 - Introductions
5:12 - Changes in the talent market since COVID-19
12:30 - Tips on sorting through strong and weak candidates
- Managing the candidate experience
21:47 - How to make your startup attractive to candidates
31:55 - Global and remote talent and hiring
39:03 - Advice for candidates looking for roles
44:25 - Q&A

This webinar was held as part of Startup Victoria's Startup Success Series. The Startup Success Series is a new initiative designed to provide insight and education on the topics that matter most to the founder community right now.

The Startup Success Series is supported by LaunchVic. LaunchVic is Victoria’s startup development agency. LaunchVic invests in organisations and projects that empower entrepreneurs to scale innovative companies and deliver new industry benefits to the Victorian economy. Learn more about LaunchVic: