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LaunchVic presents

LaunchVic Ultimate Masterclass Series - The Power of Storytelling for PR by Charater + Distinction

LaunchVic Ultimate Masterclass Series originally recorded 25 Aug 2020 as part of DIF2020 Festival

Sarah Gundlach, Senior Communications Consultant, Character + Distinction

In this session, Sarah will discuss the key elements of storytelling for brands and how to utilise the power of storytelling for public relations beyond just marketing.

Whether you’re a startup founder, community builder, government agency or corporate going global, storytelling is a foundational tool for creating meaningful connections and achieving your goals.


About LaunchVic Ultimate Masterclass Series

LaunchVic assembled a stellar cast of talented leaders for the DIF2020 Festival who provide invaluable insights across various topics including branding, PR, legal considerations, culture, and corporate offerings to support your entrepreneurial journey. Check out the LaunchVic website and learn more about us.


*DISCLAIMER The information contained in this webinar should not be interpreted as professional advice. We recommend you seek independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice before engaging in any investment to ensure that it takes into account your unique circumstances.