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'Cards for the Future' Game Day 2

Each day of the second week of the DIF2020 Festival a new round was played with opportunities for people to pitch their idea for the future!

Want a positive, resilient and inclusive future?

Then Cards for the Future is a game for you.

We’re used to the future being presented to us as bleak, from global warming to increasing economic inequality. But another future is possible - one where technology is used to tackle the challenges of the years to come, and where it unites us rather than divides us. And how better to imagine that future than through play and games

Cards for the Future encourages people to think about positive visions of technology and society through play. The objective of the game is to imagine inspiring, positive ideas for objects and concepts from the future. These are inspired by a scenario, which is shaped collectively through 'prompt cards'.

Scenario for Tue 1 Sep

In a future that is RADICAL.
There is a PERSON.
Related to…WILDCARD (anything!)

Play a Bonus Round 

You can still be a part of the game and share your own ideas.
Watch today's draw and hear what our players thought.

Create your own Idea Card and send it to us to include in the summary of each day's game! Or you can post on social media Facebook or Twitter

Cards for the Future Game Day Boards

Visit the Trello board to see the other ideas, comment, or vote for the most inspiring!