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No Moss Co presents

Humans, Purpose and The Future of Work: Webinar Series

Free webinars open to the public


A series of live, interactive webinars hosted by Steven Ma, Chief Purpose Officer at No Moss.


Tue 8 Sep - Resolving Workplace Power Dynamics

Conversational equality | New kinds of leadership | Facilitation techniques

Evolve beyond the HIPPO: "highest paid person's opinion". Find new ways to raise your team's intelligence and make better decisions together. Understand what the new model for leadership looks like in today's dynamic world where businesses must be agile, and how you can facilitate and influence meetings to encourage this.

Tue 29 Sep - Communicating Better

Communication styles | Techniques to heal teams

Understand the psychological basis for the five major communication styles and how to embrace and accept these styles, and build your team's interactions toward healthy conflict and high performance.

Tue 20 Oct - Practical Tips for Humans at Work

Self-care | Better meetings | Structuring work

A specific, actionable session for people of all levels to ensure they actively create space to care for themselves at work, structure better remote working meetings, and manage and juggle the demands of work in absence of the physical office.