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[ONLINE] Flutter coworking, colearning and collaborating


Let's hang out and do some Fluttering!

The events are for anyone wanting to:

- hack on your own Flutter project

- learn about a particular Flutter related topic

- collaborate on a shared Flutter project

Event Details

At the start of the event we'll talk about the topics and/or projects that people are interested in and make a plan for everyone getting the most out of the session. I'll be available 1-3 but feel free to join at any time and stay for any part of that.

If you're going to join later please post a quick message on the event page so I'll know to make sure the Meet is running.

There are several shared projects you can collaborate on, or add a new one to the list: (here)

For a list of potential topics and if you would like to discuss anything before the event we have a Discourse (here).

You can subscribe to this calendar, which has the Google Meet link in each event here.

Please RSVP on Meetup if you plan to attend. Thanks!

What we're about

If you have an interest in Flutter ( and would like to meet people that share your interest, come along for a co-working session!

To try and make the events as useful as possible we'll have some discussion at the start for anyone wanting to work together to develop a portfolio of projects or learn about a particular topic. It's all completely optional though, coming along to work on your own project is just as great!

We have a Discourse server ( you're very welcome to join if you'd like to discuss anything Flutter, Firebase or Adventure related in between events.

Let's hang out and build some amazing things with Flutter!