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Design for Impact: Practice Session

Join us for a great session, focused on applying different problem-solving approaches to tackle the world's toughest problems!

Join us for a great session, focused on applying different problem-solving approaches to tackle the world's toughest problems!

About this Event

What we'll do

Join us for a great session facilitated by Design for Impact. We will learn about Designing change in complex systems, how it relates to the work we do, and how we can harness it for doing impactful work.

The agenda includes:

  1. Talk by Abram El-Sabagh
Hands-on activities in groups with Designers and Change-makers from around the world
Discussion and reflection



Founder, Design for Impact

Abram is a designer and researcher with significant experience applying design and systems thinking around the world. He has led projects focused on social impact and innovation in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa. He has coached teams around the world to tackle complex problems, from malnutrition to disaster risks. He has worked across government and not-for-profit sector in health, social justice, education, agriculture, disaster management, politics, and water and sanitation.

He believes that the power of design is in engaging diverse perspectives, enabling people to navigate complexity and bring about a better future. Abram has led successful design and innovation projects for the governments and global not-for-profits.

What people are saying

“This was awesome. It was amazing. It was uniquely different way of looking at things. This is exactly what I’m doing - learning a new skill. It’s one thing understanding it academically and one thing being in a project and kind of witnessing it. This was amazing. This was a very welcome experience, I’m delighted and I’ll definitely be here next week!”
"I’m thankful to have been a part of Design for Impact and its Coaching Clinics. It has allowed me to dedicate time each week in learning Systems Thinking from the basics with the participation of an engrossed team of thinkers from around the globe."
"I have been leveraging the Design for Impact community to continue learning experience/service design practices. Our exercises are output focused, and collaboration is productive and enjoyable. What I appreciate most is the various points of view I have access to from a group of designers with diverse backgrounds and expertise from around the globe."

About Design for Impact

Design for Impact is a global community of designers and change-makers who are working every day to create a brighter future. We learn together, share our experiences, and connect to use our collective for good.

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