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Eventbrite Classroom: Go Live Checklist


Learn from event experts during Eventbrite's Classroom Series. Go Live Checklist is ~40 minutes for demonstration and ~10 minutes for Q&A.

Go Live Checklist

In this Eventbrite Classroom, one of our product experts will walk through the essential items to check off your list in advance of going live with your event(s).

This includes everything from confirming your order settings to setting up payment and refund policies to ensuring you have enabled social sharing and distribution.

Eventbrite's team of experts create monthly global webinars for creators like you to learn about new tools and features, build expertise, and learn how to sell more tickets with Eventbrite.  Additionally, there are daily sessions for new users or users trying out a new feature on Eventbrite. Our webinars have limited seats and they fill up fast.