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Banana Life presents

Live Demo: Remote EXPO and Remote GAME

Join our Live Demo running every Tuesday @ 1pm AEST

Engage your remote team. Build connections and make your next virtual team activity one to remember.

Our Remote EXPO and Game is ideal for creating unforgettable virtual experiences for teams, new employees, or your next remote social.

The Game Itself

The game is a 60 minute fully hosted interactive virtual game. We have developed a unique browser based experience unlike anything on Zoom, Teams, or Meet. Our host guides players through a variety of game types to keep the energy moving and provides an opportunity for everyone to shine.

Game types include

  • Buzz In Pub Trivia

  • Giphy Challenge

  • Pictionary Drawing

  • Head-to-Head Social Games

  • Lipdub

  • Fun Fact Match

  • Categories

  • Live Polling and Voting

During the game our trained hosts take care of the music, the gameflow, and the laughs. The results are side-splitting, collaborative, and competitive. Players can vote on everyone’s submissions to determine the final outcome.

At the game's end the teams can continue their virtual conference on our software while reviewing their ridiculous creations and debating about who won and why.


Engage and connect with your remote team with our best-in-class virtual team building activity. Fully-hosted, for 5 to 500 players!