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Bayside BEC presents

Online Workshop: Cyber Security - How to Stay Safe Working From Home

A Digital Business Solutions webinar for small businesses.

Make sure you keep your business safe from cyber crime. Small to medium businesses are a target, made easier by people working from home.

Is your business at risk of being attacked by cyber criminals ?

The statistics say yes. On average each month, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) receives about 4,400 cybercrime reports ! It's not just big businesses like the recent Coles episode when all their cash registers went down, small business are a popular target too with cyber criminals, with more than 60% of all attacks aimed at small to medium businesses.

Working from home is ‘the new norm’ for many people these days, and it's important to understand the risks that come with working outside a secured office and technology environment.

Cyber security is a key risk, phishing attacks, hacking and other cyber crimes are a real risk and an issue that should be addressed.

If you are a victim of an attack, unauthorised access to your stored information can impact what matters most to you: your data, your cash flow and - if your clients or suppliers are affected- your reputation.

In this webinar we aim to answer any questions you have regarding how you can safeguard your company against a data loss and strengthen your cyber risk resilience.

We talk about five simple yet remarkable effective actions that you can take to immediately improve your cyber security and –even better- that won’t break the bank.

You will leave this webinar feeling more in control of how you manage the uncertainty that comes when does business online, and while there is no ‘one solution fits all’ there are some valuable standards and tools that help you safeguard your data, protecting your revenue and your reputation, as lost data means losing the trust of your clients.

About Babette Bottin

Babette is the founder and director of DAS Insure., a highly specialised risk and insurance consultancy firm with a focus on cash flow protection. Babette is passionate about helping companies of all sizes, business owners and individuals to strengthen their Cyber Security.

With a long-standing career in Trade Credit Insurance, in 2014 Babette added cyber risk protection to her product portfolio due to the impact a cyber incident can have on the cash flow of a business.

This webinar is delivered under the Australian Government's Digital Business Solutions Program. By attending you acknowledge agreement with the terms and conditions as outlined here.