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Pitch Night: Regional Founders

  • on-demand event

Pitch Night: Regional Founders

Startup Victoria present our last pitch event of 2020 - Pitch Night: Regional Founders

93% of startups and small tech businesses from Victoria are currently based in the Greater Melbourne area. It makes sense - the population density is high, there's a huge variety of diverse backgrounds and skills available in the local talent market and a wide range of facilities for new and established startups alike. But what about our incredible startup founders based outside of Metro Melbourne?

Pitch list 

Pitch 1: mSpot Meditation Finder
Pitch 2: Pappyon
Pitch 3: Backpicker
Pitch 4: Quant Property Solutions


Regional Victoria consists of Loddon Mallee, Grampians, Hume, Gippsland and Barwon South West. We want our last Pitch Night of 2020 to give founders from these regions a chance to step into the spotlight. Diversity is key to a thriving ecosystem, and this includes geographical diversity. We know these regions have a vibrant, growing and exciting tech and innovation scene, which is why this November we're hosting Pitch Night: Regional Founders!

See the showcase 4 of the best and most ambitious regional founders together to pitch on the virtual stage to a room of ecosystem players, fellow founders and expert judges to win The StartupVic Prize Package. Regional startups and founders at any stage of growth and from any sector or industry are welcomed and encouraged to apply!

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