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Digital Masterclass Series: Developing Creative Customer Experiences

Digital Masterclass Series

The Digital Masterclass Series explores how digital tools and platforms can be used to augment existing business models.

Developing Creative Customer Experiences:

In this digital age, attention is currency!

Creative concepts command strong customer attention as they demonstrate authenticity and originality.

The role that customer experience mapping plays is central in delivering the best outcome for your customers. Oftentimes, the journey for customers begins online and finishes by providing valuable feedback using digital tools.

Tune into this webinar to find out how you can maximise your customer experience by creating the perfect journey.


About the Digital Masterclass Series:

The Digital Masterclass Series is designed to help Glen Eira business owners improve their digital literacy.

In a post COVID world, it’s important that businesses of all industries and sizes develop a robust digital presence to ensure they can continue trading and growing regardless of whether their brick and mortar store is open.

This series explores key ways digital tools and platforms can be used to augment existing business models and provides a starting point for business owners to establish or grow their digital presence.

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