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OWASP Melbourne presents

OWASP AppSec Day 2019

OWASP AppSec Day

AppSec Day is Australia’s only conference dedicated entirely to building and deploying secure web and mobile applications, covering DevSecOps practices for fast Agile software delivery environments. We aim to provide a welcoming environment for developers, testers, devops engineers and security professionals. To improve their knowledge, skills and to network with other like minded professionals.


In 2017 we sold 300 tickets to AppSec Day, with a successful event and positive feedback we expanded our venue and for AppSec Day 2018, doubled in size with a sold out crowd of 650 software developers, testers, devops engineers, students and security professionals, interested in learning about building secure web and mobile applications, covering DevSecOps practices for Agile software delivery environments. The feedback from our 15+ sponsors has been positive year after year, with our major sponsor The CommonWealth Bank being with us from the start, supporting us as we grow and helping us succeed in our mission of providing security awareness to as many technology and security professionals as possible. For AppSec Day 2019 we are anticipating similar growth, with over 900 delegates expected. To accommodate this growth, we have locked in a professional conference venue, that will allow us to expand into the future, but continue to provide a welcoming and professional experience for all our delegates, supporters and sponsors.

OWASP Foundation

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an open-source, not for profit association. Providing free, vendor-neutral and practical application security guidelines such as the OWASP Top 10. OWASP is the de facto standard-setting body for web application security. OWASP has a strong open and global community with over 45,000 participants, and more than 125 organisational and academic supporters. With 200 local chapters across 6 continents in 117 countries.

The Team

The OWASP Melbourne chapter is a not-for-profit, volunteer run group with a focus on educating technology and security professionals on building secure products, including software security and DevSecOps practices. We cater to beginners and advanced members alike. Our presentations are designed for people in the technology industry. Developers, DevOps engineers, testers, security advisors, penetration testers and application security enthusiasts. Our events are aimed at providing relevant, practical and actionable knowledge, that translates to stronger security and robust software.