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About the DIF

The Digital Innovation Festival (DIF), is a unique initiative to develop, demonstrate and promote technology innovation across every sector of the economy and society. DIF2019 runs over two weeks from 23 August to 6 September. Join in and celebrate the 'Victorian Difference' that drives industry, entrepreneurs and community to not only be different but make a difference through digital technology.

What is the DIF about?

The Digital Innovation Festival (DIF) seeks to engage and inspire all elements of the innovation ecosystem. Navigating the key issues, the Festival's three themes allow people to create their own DIF experience. From emerging technologies powering investment to tomorrows jobs building digital skills and digital change makers driving inclusion. DIF prompts the question 'How can you make the DIF?'

DIF 2019
  • Emerging technology

    DIF aims to present opportunities for Victorians and visitors to engage with emerging tech such as AI, blockchain, data analytics, cybersecurity, biotech, IoT, robotics and more. DIF aims to assist businesses across all sectors to explore opportunities for innovating with technology, to manage digital disruption and become better informed about opportunities to enhance competitiveness, possibly even to find new business models. DIF encourages events that explore what these changes will mean for business owners, for investors, for educators and students, for community groups and for government. DIF encourages collaboration to explore and forge the future.

  • Future jobs

    DIF encourages consideration of the digital technology requirements of tomorrow's workforce. It presents events that explore the impact of technology on jobs - which jobs will be automated, which augmented by technology and what new jobs will be created. Examining jobs of the future, DIF hopes to stimulate a discussion on which skill sets are likely to be in most demand in the future and what combination of technical expertise and generalist business skills is likely to be required.

  • Digital inclusion

    Socially minded entrepreneurs use digital tools to make society better, creating unique solutions to address complex problems like homelessness or domestic violence. They build community through open networks, run hackathons for humanity, develop games for change and platforms for social impact using big data for social insights. DIF will showcase Victoria's tech for good movement which is actively driving digital social innovation and championing digital inclusion.

Who is the DIF for?

The DIF is inclusive. Whether you are a digital innovation novice, or someone considered an expert in their field, DIF embraces a collaborative learning and contributory mindset across the entire community. DIF seeks to support growth of the digital economy and creation of jobs. It aims to contribute to the success of businesses across all major industry sectors and to foster an inclusive society for all Victorians.

What is the DIFvic online events hub?

DIF is delivered though Digital Innovation Futures Victoria (DIFvic) - an Online Events Hub that promotes awareness of technology and innovation related events happening across the state all year around. Sign up and create an account, select your interests or post your own event on the calendar. It's open to everyone anytime. Using DIFvic you can register your interest in being involved in DIF2019 as an event host, a speaker, sponsor or a participant. We encourage you to get involved and help shape this year's festival program.

What events were in DIF2018?

Inside the DIF 2018 ezine captures the essence of what DIF is all about - the people involved and the difference they make with tech in a digital world. DIF 2018 had more than 400 events over 2 weeks, reached more than 15,000 people across metro Melbourne and regional Victoria. From cutting-edge conferences to hands-on workshops DIF was a celebration of the tech ecosystem and Victoria as a vibrant centre for digital innovation. Inside the DIF 2018 ezine is now available online to view or download.


Victorian Government hosts

The Digital Innovation Festival is an initiative of the Victorian Government Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions. The DIF Regional program is supported by the Connecting Regional Communities Program and Regional Development Victoria.