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G2 Innovation presents

Design Thinking: The One-Day Workshop - Melbourne

Apply the Design Thinking process to problems that impact your business and your users, and leave with a range of ideas and opportunities.

About this Event


Design Thinking (also known as human-centred design) allows professionals from every industry to embrace problems and create solutions that are user-centric in design and effective in implementation. It encourages you to dig deeper, ask the difficult questions, and go beyond the obvious to understand the real challenge to be solved. It is an approach that always puts the user at the centre, and uses tactics such as empathy, rapid ideation, low fidelity prototyping and testing to develop and implement ideas that create impact.

It doesn't matter whether you want to develop a new product, service or customer experience, or do something less tangible like improve systems, processes or your workplace culture. If you have problems to solve, then Design Thinking is the process you need.

Key features of the workshop include:

  • Apply the Design Thinking process to problems that impact your business and your users, and leave with a range of ideas and opportunities for overcoming them.
  • Learn what influences your users’ actions, preferences and needs and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.
  • Learn how user insight reduces the uncertainty of innovation and empowers individuals and teams.
  • Gain practical tools in user empathy, idea generation and low fidelity prototyping, as well as powerful crash and learn methodologies.
  • Improve your skills and gain invaluable innovation confidence.
  • Receive high quality and engaging course materials with relevant case studies, Design Thinking tools and practical tips.
  • Receive access to an online portal featuring printable Design Thinking tools.
  • Receive lunch, and all the morning and afternoon trimmings!

Information about your Workshop Leader...

Merryn Olifent, is a customer-centric and dynamic digital marketing leader with extensive experience in using data insights to transform traditional approaches to customer experience and engagement. Merryn discovered the power of Design Thinking as a marketer in the finance sector and has used it ever since to build high performing teams that are customer obsessed and driven to deliver meaningful customer outcomes. Merryn is passionate about challenging the status quo, experimenting and learning to create business and customer success.

Feedback from previous workshops

"l learnt some really useful models and concepts which will assist me to tackle my workplace issues."

"A life changer... really focussed me on moving to a newer, smarter way of thinking."

"As an intrapreneur, this has been a real insight into what my clients are going through and how I can impact my own employer."

"Amazing and challenging, in the best way."


What's the refund policy?

No returns and no refunds. We will happily accept a substitute should you be unable to attend on the day.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Visit us at

Email us at

Phone us on 03 9020 7341