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Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) face-to-face events may be moved online or cancelled at short notice. If you have questions about the status of an event, please contact the event organiser on the listing. The latest business information and support for coronavirus (COVID-19) is available at Business Victoria.

Event & Tech Show Asia Pacific 2020


​ETS 2020


Event & Tech Show 2020 is the first virtual live event and technology exhibition in Asia Pacific.​

Following the overwhelming success of Event Tech Show 2019 where we pioneered The Living Lab Concept, we aspire to continue bringing this experience to a whole new level: provide an even more engaging experience, connect and inspire even more like-minded event enthusiasts and showcase even more trends and happenings in the events industry.​

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1. Event Industry Coming Together: ​Coming together as one industry to spark ideas, share knowledge and explore collaboration opportunities

2. The Virtual Living Lab Concept: Highly interactive setting for deep engagement with exhibitors, live product demonstrations and tryouts

3. Latest Event Trends & Insights: Look forward to 2021 with a new lens and stay updated with the latest event innovations across the region

4. Thoughtfully Curated Content: Carefully planned and crafted topics and sessions for inspiring content and high quality experience

5. Friendly Networking Environment: Conducive technical environment for networking, exchanging contacts and forging partnerships

6. Recreational & Entertainment Elements: Enjoy the fun and excitement, as though you are at the physical event, plus some surprising twists

7. Exclusive Deals, Offers & packages: Sharing of the latest deals and packages by our exhibitors to support your 2021 planning

8. Join Us Wherever You Are: Without a physical barrier, ETS 2020 is available globally. Join us wherever you are!



2020 has been quite a year for all of us in the events industry. In challenges we find more grit to adapt and innovate, as well as unity in supporting one another.

​We invite you you to join us to rejuvenate the outlook of the events industry and inspire event enthusiasts to look forward to an even more exciting and dynamic event scene post-outbreak.

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We invite you to join us as a thought leader in the events industry, sharing your expertise, case studies, as well as best practices and insights to the event enthusiast community.

We welcome content across the spectrum, covering but not limited to emerging event technologies, event data and insights, the evolution of event solutions and workflow post-outbreak, the future of event venues, attendee engagement and anticipated response amidst the New Normal and so on - the sky is your limit.

​Each session is 45 minutes in length including 10 minutes for Q&A. We encourage all speakers to explore various methods to engage the audience during your virtual session.

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Please reach out to us if you are keen to partner with us or have any questions regarding ETS 2020!