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Navigating Change with Clarity & Confidence with Lata Hamilton

Exploring change management and leadership.

Embrace technology, learn through leadership and navigate transformation with confidence.

In a world where Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and other Technology are quickly evolving with our future of work, people and businesses alike are struggling with the uncertainty that comes from Transformational and Organisational Change. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Join us as we hear from Lata Hamilton on how to take ownership of transformational change for individual and group success. Driving growth and results through the power of people, Lata shares the key to harnessing the power of Change Management to help people and businesses find future career clarity and confidence.

Key Takeaways

This webinar will focus on:

  • What this little thing called ‘Change Management’ is all about
  • The power of bringing Change Management into your leadership
  • Exploring common challenges when leading change
  • A snapshot of the skill sets used by Change-savvy leaders
  • Explore through ideas for honing YOUR Change skill set!

Why do we think women in digital need this webinar?

Change can be scary, whether it is personal or professional. Some people take it in their stride, whilst others find it hard to adapt and settle into new environments, responsibilities, and procedures. This webinar will be a hub for innovative insights on change management - even if you aren’t currently a manager, this is one for everyone!” – Kayla, Marketing & Events Coordinator

I’ll always remember a very well-known CIO saying to me – technology change is easy, it’s the people change that’s hard. If you’re in digital or IT I’m sure you’ve experienced this too. I think this webinar is a valuable opportunity to hear from someone who’s actually implemented change initiatives with one of Australia’s most recognised brands.” – Holly, CEO & Founder

The world is constantly changing and that is even more true for people working within digital and technology. Being able to get comfortable with change and build clarity & confidence in that space is a must-have skillset, not just for leaders but for everyone.” – Carly, Community Manager

Cost & Inclusions

The webinar is priced at a very affordable $9 for guests.

FREE for individual members (all members will be registered automatically, if you have not received a Zoom link 48hrs before the event’s scheduled date, please email our Community Manager;

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Who is this event for?

The Women in Digital community is made up of leaders, digital specialists, HR managers, software engineers, marketers and so many more - what we all have in common is the passion to continue to connect, educate and empower ourselves and others. So this webinar is for:

  • Business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs
  • Employees and employers affected by technology or organisational changes
  • Those keen to prepare for organisational transformation and technologically changes in their industry or learn about change management

Our Speaker

Lata Hamilton is a certified pocket rocket with a big heart… and big hair! As Change Manager at Woolworths Group and also Founder & CEO of Passion Pioneers, Lata combines her experience and accreditation as an Organisational Change Manager, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and career coach to guide people and team through their toughest times.

Lata is all about growth and results. She has partnered with some of Australia’s biggest corporations on major Transformation and Organisational Change projects across Advertising, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Government and Retail industries. Through generosity, honesty and drive, Lata inspires both individuals and teams to achieve beyond their dreams and find their future.

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