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Digital Directions 2020 - Media Literacy in the Machine Learning Era

Join us at Digital Directions Virtual Conference and be part of the world’s cultural, creative, and media literate future.



Culture is more important now than ever: to connect communities, communicate beyond echo chambers, and to provide vital perspectives on our challenging present.

SESSION 4: Media Literacy in the Machine Learning Era

Is seeing still believing? 2020 is the year deepfakes have gone mainstream, from a tv ad to a social media parlour game. These are benign examples that bely an alarming technological arms race occurring in the world of AI, one that includes the personal intrusion of technology and the amplification of sexual violence.

This new world order is best navigated through media literacy, and in this panel discussion you’ll hear experts discuss the impact of machine learning technology on our ability to critically assess media online, what problems and opportunities digital technology provides to help us identify this manipulation, and what education tools are available to support digital media literacy.


  • Professor Jason Potts (RMIT)
  • Professor Ellie Rennie (RMIT)
  • Professor Asher Flynn (Monash University)
  • Annabel Astbury (ABC Digital Education) in conversation,

Chaired by Jan Müller, NFSA CEO and Chair of Australian Media Literacy Alliance