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#AAH2018 - LeapFroggers - Understanding the Diverse Opportunity w/ People & Tech

The final #AAH2018 talk with Chike Ukaegbu and Adele Smee on LeapFrogging.

What is leapfrogging?

Chike Ukaegbu

Chike Ukaegbu is the 35 year-old tech entrepreneur who announced his candidacy for Nigerian president in 2019. Chike is an educator, entrepreneur, investor, humanitarian and biomedical engineer who is passionate about redefining representation through diversity and inclusion in tech and entrepreneurial spaces.

Adel Smee

Adel Smee is an Engineering Manager at Zendesk. She has based her career in the tech industry on encouraging the ingredients of happy, creative teams: meaningful work, autonomy, transparent and supportive management, diversity of thought, willingness to fail, competent team members, trust and effective communication.

In August 2018, Startup Victoria hosted Above All Human, the third incarnation of the tech conference with humanity at its heart. Featuring a mix of global and local speakers, the day was filled with insights and inspirations from the world's most innovative minds.